Bill Small Education: NASA Apprentice School Occupation: NASA Technician for 30 years. Mentor since 2004.

Bill Burry Education: George Washington University, BSEE, MBSEE. Mentor since 2012.

Bill Higdon Education: Bakersfield College, AA Industrial Engineering, BS Industrial Management San Jose State University, MBA, Entrepreneur. Mentor since 2003.

Brenda Thompson was a Public Relationships mentor on the NASA Knights. She is currently helping us with our award submissions. Mentor since 2013.

Charles Appel Education: Old Dominion University. Mentor since 2008.

Chris Burry Education: Colby College, BA, American University, MA, Naval War College, MS. Mentor since 2013.

Doug Miles Occupation: Master Plumber, Miller Construction. Mentor since 2009.

Ed Haufler Education: Newport News Shipyard Apprentice School Occupation: Master Machinist, Reynolds Metals. Mentor since 2008

Jay Metzger Education: Educated in Germany Occupation: Master Machinist. Mentor since 2003.

Jon Thompson Education: University of Akron Bs, Ms Mechanical Engineering Occupation: NASA, Project Manager, Mechanical Engineer. Mentor since 2013.

Larry Brown, Coach Education: Richmond Professional Institute, AA Civil Engineering Occupations: Electronics Technician, U.S.A.F., Entrepreneur, 35 years, Licensed Teacher, Virginia. Mentor since 2006.

Phil Fenstermacher Education: Virginia Tech, BSEE Occupations: Systems Engineer, College of William & Mary. Mentor since 2010.


Ralph Delucia Occupations: Master Electrician, Hampton Roads Sanitation District. Mentor since 2008.

Richard Couch Education: University of Miami, BSEE Occupations: NASA Project Engineer. Mentor since 2008.