Our team consists of 11 students, 10 mentors, and a team mascot. Our team leader, Mr. Larry Brown, is a FRC veteran and has been working with us since 2006. One of our mentors is an FRC alumnus, he was part of our original team at its inception in 2003 and has been with us for ten years. This year our team consists of eight returning members and two new members.

MEMBERS (In Alphabetical Order)

Bella is a senior and this is her fourth year on the team. She loves dogs, video games, the indoors, and enjoys spending the day inside on the internet and crying. Her hobby is using voice synthesizers. She likes science in general, but favors astronomy the most. She has an inability to use power tools. And she is now the Team Captain.

Cameron is a sophomore and this is his second year on the team. He has been a member of the VEX robotics team for 1 year.  He likes to draw, build computers, play video games and he plays the clarinet.

Clifford is in his senior year, Home Schooled, Third year on team, Jokestar, REALLY Likes To Build Stuff

Davis is Home-schooled and this is his fourth year on the team. He enjoys designing things, experimenting with electronics, building robots, and likes outdoor sports.He is now the Co-Captain

Dillon Is Home-schooled in 8th grade.He has a condition called Asperger syndrome, which basically means that he can focus harder on things harder than other people. He is the New Newsletter writer and Site Editor. He is currently the youngest member on the team. He likes mac ‘n’ cheese, Brownies, bouncing on exercise balls, making YouTube videos, Dogs, Working on computers, and playing Lots of Video games.

Dominic is a senior and this is his fourth year on the team. He enjoys being indoors playing video games and competing with his twin sister, Lauren, who is also on the team. He is slightly athletic, but not really.

Jimmy is lazy and sleeps all day and is in the 9th grade at Mathews High School. This is his 1st year on the team.  He likes to draw and play with lighters. He also likes coding (sometimes), and building computers.

John is home schooled and is no longer the the youngest member of the team. He loves to build things and drove a robot in the 2014 Mathews Christmas parade.

Lauren is a senior and this is her fourth year on the team. She enjoys reading, graphic design, and writing. She loves cats, and she hopes that one day she can own Snoopybabe the cat, who is extremely adorable.

Marc is a home schooled Senior and this is his third year on the team. He enjoys reading, drawing, and organizing and hopes to become an architect.

Mickenzie is a senior and this is her second year on the team.  She has two kittens, and wants to become a math teacher when she becomes older.

Tanner is in 9th grade and attends Mathews High School. He despises Spanish but enjoys video games and breathing.





Flaco is the Team 1137 mascot. He is an American Foxhound — the Virginia state dog. He enjoys the constant attention of the team members and is loved by everyone on the team, especially Dillon.