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Stop Building. Hands Off The Robot!


Today was our “Stop Build Day” meaning that we had to finish building our robot in accordance with the 2017 FIRST STEAMWORKS Robotics Competition rules. We had 6 weeks to work on the robot since early January.  We have been meeting every day at our workshop behind the high school designing and building the robot; laying out, wiring, and testing the circuit board; and programming the computer to run the robot.  Our team this year consists of 12 students, 10 mentors, and our team mascot.

You may make donations to our 2017 season by sending a 501(c) (3) “not ­for ­profit” donation to:  Mathews High School, FIRST Robotics Team 1137, P.O. Box 38, Mathews, VA 23109.  Make your check payable to “Mathews High School” and write “Robotics Team 1137” in the MEMO area.

Thank you for all of your support!

Seated: Left To Right

Mentor Bill Burry,

Team Mascot Flaco,

John H,

Team Coach,Larry Brown

Standing:Left To Right

 Mr Couch,

Dillon D,

Davis D,

Jimmy J,

Tanner S,

Team Captian Bella B,

Dominic Q,

Mr Higdon,

Mr Kirk,

Chris Burry Taking The Photo


Rocket Sauce kicks off into 2017 FIRST Steam Works!!!

Starting off our season with 2 new mentors, and 3 new members to help us on our goal to do better then last year.

Check out the FIRST Steam Works Challenge!

The Official Rocket Sauce Twitter Is Back Online!

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           ROCKET SAUCE Wins Awards in 2016 Season !