Members & Mentors

Our team consists of 8 students, 9 mentors, and a team mascot. Our team leader, Mr. Larry Brown, is an FRC veteran and has been working with us since 2006. One of our mentors is an FRC alumnus, he was part of our original team at its inception in 2003 and has been with us for ten years. This year our team consists of eight returning members and two new members.


Brandon 5th Grade.

Bradyn 5th Grade.

Cameron 6th Grade.

Dillon Is Home-schooled in 9th grade. He is the Online Resource Director Editor. He enjoys Macaroni & Cheese, Brownies, making YouTube videos, Working on computers, Playing Video games, Being a Jokester,Competing in Game Matches And ESPECIALLY, DOGS.


Mason 8th Grade.

Sarah is in 10th grade and attends Mathews High School. She loves to talk about dinosaurs, likes to talk to Mr. Applegate, loves to be silly, drinks a lot of Chocolate milk, REALLY likes to talk to Davis, and met a Sikh doctor one time in Richmond, VA. She loves cats, dogs and other cute animals. She wants to be a paleontologist when she grows up. Now she’s Safety Captain.

Scotty Is in 4th grade He Likes Racing.

Soles 8th Grade.


(The People That Make This Operation Possible)

Bill Small Education: NASA Apprentice School Occupation: NASA Technician for 30 years. Mentor since 2004.

Bill Burry Education: George Washington University, BSEE, MBSEE. Mentor since 2012.

Chris Burry Education: Colby College, BA, American University, MA, Naval War College, MS. Mentor since 2013.

Davis Dowdy Education:Self Trained, Mentor since 2019.

Dusty Dowdy Education: Northwestern University of Chicago,PhD. Mentor since 2014.

Edward Renner Education: Associates Degree APPLIED Automotive Science TNCC Ford Asset. Va state inspector. Mentor since 2018.

Larry Brown, Coach Education: Richmond Professional Institute, AA Civil Engineering Occupations: Electronics Technician, U.S.A.F., Entrepreneur, 35 years, Licensed Teacher, Virginia. Mentor since 2006.

Mike Kirk Education:Scripps Institute.University of California in San Diego. Mentor since 2017.

Richard Couch Education: University of Miami, BSEE Occupations: NASA Project Engineer. Mentor since 2008.



Flaco is the Team 1137 mascot. He is an American Foxhound — the Virginia state dog.

He enjoys the constant attention of the team members and is loved by everyone on the team, especially Dillon, Sarah, and.

He’s the Best Macot In the world once you meet him.

When the team is having lunch, he begs for food from us but we have to say “NO” to him.