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NEW CHANGES!!!!!!!!!!!

Over The Past Year Rocket Sauce Has Been Going Through Some Changes.
We Are Transitioning To Become A First Tech Challenge Team.
With This Change We Will Not Be Building The Larger Robots and Will Be Competing In The Tech Challenge.
And Start Doing Competitions And Building On These Smaller Robots.
A Demo Off What The New Format Is Click Here [..]

Also We Will Be Know As Rocket Sauce JR.

Rocket Sauce Working On Robot For 2018 FIRST Power Up!

We are Rocket Sauce, Team 1137 of Mathews County, Virginia. Each year, our team is presented with the task of creating, designing, and building a robot in about six weeks. These six weeks can prove to be stressful, which is something we all have learned, but each year, we all manage to pull through with alacrity and excellent robots. Although we strive to win, it’s our dedication, loyalty, and determination that overall makes us a unique and devoted team.

   To make the process easier and less complicated, we split among two sub teams – the building team and the media team. Those in the building sub team design and build the robot, and those in the media sub team build, design, and update the website.  Though our team is fairly small, we have found that we have become more familiar with each other, bringing us to be not just a team, but a family as well.

Why Rocket Sauce?

Immediately, thoughts of jet fuel or tomato juice pop up in your mind. The name “Rocket Sauce” has a history; in 2008, our team was tossing around ideas for a new name. That’s when we heard it: Rocket Sauce. Immediately, a flurry of questions arose; that was the point. During competition, the name would cause people to want to know the reason behind the name, which meant seeking us out and getting to know the people and the robot behind the name. Rocket Sauce has been a team since 2003.  Previously, we were known as the Noblemen and we partnered with our neighboring county’s Gloucester High School.

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